Dear FlatSafe,
I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank You for providing such outstanding storm shelters.

When I purchased mine last Nov, I had taken considerable effort to research many shelters, their design, construction, ease of use, etc., before deciding on yours to protect my family.

I was never more acutely aware of how well I chose than this past Monday, when a tornado went through Norman and up the east side of Moore, where I live, just brushing my neighborhood.

We arrived home just moments before it hit, and I was quickly and easily able to get my family into the shelter an secure the lid.  While listening to the storm roar overhead, I was concerned that I may not have a home, but I was never worried that my family was in danger.  These storm shelters are solid and secure.  The white sides of the composite reflected the lantern light and made it seem larger and more comforting to my family as well.

Fortunately, when we emerged, our house and the neighborhood was intact.  Just minor damage overall.

I tell everyone that I have a FlatSafe shelter and fully endorse them.


Myles & Gayle S

Edmond, OK

Flatsafe Tornado Shelters
Re: February 10, 2009 Oklahoma Tornado

Myles and I would like to thank you for our Flatsafe Tornado Shelter. Your dedication to safety and attention to detail were vital as I waited out the February 10, 2009 tornado inside our shelter.

Our story goes as follows: It was simply a regular day in February and I had no idea a storm was barreling down on our neighborhood. Myles called and told me to turn on the television and prepare to get in the shelter. Now, I’m an Oklahoma girl born and bred so I am not afraid of tornadoes, and frankly that was foolish. I took my time getting supplies and leisurely went about my business, then I heard the sirens go off and I moved a little quicker, but I still wasn’t worried. It wasn’t until my 14 year old Golden Retriever began to bark, and walk toward the shelter that I knew we were in trouble and I kicked it into high gear. At that point I lowered my pal, Shadow, into the shelter and began to shut the door. I had the door almost closed when a surge of power shoved the door forward and locked it in place, actually it was like a vacuum seal. I remember thinking…wow I shoved that hard, I must be more scared that I thought.

What I didn’t realize was the tornado was hitting at that very moment, thankfully it was so quiet in the shelter I could barely hear the devastation happening around us. I had the TV radio on in the shelter and heard the weather man telling everyone our neighborhood had just been hit by a tornado, then I began to shake uncontrollably. I knew we were safe, but I was so worried about my neighbors, were they all in their storm shelters, were they ok? I asked myself over and over, why hadn’t I done more to make sure they all had Flatsafes in their garage. I tried to call Myles to let him know we were ok, but I couldn’t get a call out, all the lines were down. About the time I was about to panic my son called me from Dallas. He could get a call in but I couldn’t get calls out.

Here’s the funny part…in the midst of the turmoil I secured the Flatsafe door with the safety chain and forgot to unlock it. So for several minutes I thought I was stuck. I was sure wishing I had paid more attention to the lecture on the lid winch. Thankfully our son Adam knew how to use it and was going to talk me through it over the phone. So…I figured I’d get out eventually. But honestly, let that be a lesson to everyone – listen to the instructions and don’t just assume you’ll remember how to work something in a crisis. At that moment I was lucky to remember my name.

Just about that time my neighbor, Phil M , came through the house searching for me. I heard him call my name, looked up and realized the safely chain was secured. I removed the safety chain and rolled back the door. I was glad to be out but what I saw next made me shake in my sneakers. My garage door was sucked into a V shape and debris was everywhere. Just a few feet outside the garage was a pile of rubble that used to be our next door neighbors home and the house across the street was merely a shell. At that moment I was so thankful Myles had purchased the Flatsafe. I was literally feet from a tornado that could have seriously injured me or Shadow. If it hadn’t been for the shelter we would have been in one of the spots in our home where glass and debris were flying. But, tucked in our Flatsafe we were safe and sound.

We want to testify to the quality, integrity, and professionalism of Flatsafe. From the sale, to the installation, to the actual usage of our storm shelter, it was all flawless and we truly thank you for our Flatsafe. Blessings to you as you reach out to other potential homeowners. Our prayer is they will be wise like my husband and not foolish like me. Tornadoes are serious and you never know in Oklahoma when the weather may just spawn a doozy of a storm.

Please feel free to use our reference as needed – we love our Flatsafe!

Tornado Shelters OKC

February 08, 2010

Subject: Flatsafe product and performance in the new housing developments on Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

Since 2008, Flatsafe, Inc. has been furnishing and installing storm shelters for the men & women of the armed forces serving our country and living in the new housing being built on Tinker AFB, Oklahoma.  To date, Flatsafe incorporated has installed 144 units in units now occupied by military families.  We anticipate the remaining 254 shelters to be installed between now and 2012.

Though many vendors were included in “buy-out” process, Flatsafe, Inc. presented the best product at a reasonable price with great customer service.  We were happy to offer Flatsafe, Inc. a contract for this scope of work.  The team at Flatsafe helped educate our team about storm shelters since many of us came from other projects and were unaware of the eccentricities of the Oklahoma environment.

The Flatsafe teams installing the shelters were courteous and efficient; they stayed on-schedule, followed the directions of the operations team, and left each installation clean & complete.  Essentially, the storm shelter aspect of our project has been a “hands-off” endeavor.

We at Balfour Beatty Construction are happy to have Flatsafe, Inc. on our team as we work to provide the very best housing solutions and storm shelters to our military men and women and their families.


Project Engineer
AMC West- Tinker AFB
Balfour Beatty Construction

I just wanted to let you know installation went great! Robert and Nick were wonderful, they done such a great job.  Robert was so patient with me, I hope I did not annoy him too much with all the questions! (haha)  I am so glad that we went with the 48″, I did get in the shelter with Robert, with the lid shut and I was OK.  It has a lot more room that I thought it would have.  I already have such peace of mind knowing that the storm shelter is there if my family needs it.  This morning Alex, my oldest son said that he was so glad that we would have someplace to go that was underground, so I know my boys feel safer too.  I think we got the shelter installed at just the right time, especially with all the bad weather this year, I am afraid it is only going to get worse.  I again want to thank both of you for your patience with me.  The whole experience has been wonderful from start to finish.  Let me know if anyone needs to come look at our shelter, we will gladly show it off!

Thanks, Kelly C.
Temple, GA.

I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the quality of your installation crew. Joe & his helper installed our shelter two weeks ago. You are lucky to have such a quality crew doing your installations, they are first class, Joe called the night before to confirm the installation, they were on time the next morning & every step of the installation was done with care to my home & property, they even did an excellent job of cleaning up.

They are very good at what they do. Once the storm shelter was installed Joe went through all of the features of the shelter & didn’t leave until all of my questions were answered.

It is always a little scary having strangers working at your home but I felt very comfortable with them being here & I can tell you that your companies reputation is in great hands with these guys.

When I recommend your company I will also tell my friends to make sure Joe is the one doing the installation.

Thank you for the great service.

Kevin C.
Tuttle, OK

I had one of your storm shelters (7 foot composite) installed today and wanted to let you know how professional and courteous your installers were. They arrived at the exact time they said they would and wasted no time getting the job done. Also, they did an excellent job cleaning the area after they installed the unit. It looks great and your installers are to be commended for a job well done. I did not receive the contract via email. You can simply respond and attach it to the response. I cannot convey the sense of relief I have with your shelter in my home. I leave at the end of this year for a 1.5 year duty in the Middle East and it will be comforting to know that my wife and 1 year old son will have a place to go when bad weather hits. We live in TN and TN lead the nation in tornado-related deaths last year in 2008 and is leading again this year. Thanks for the peace of mind.

Chuck H.
Loretto, TN

I did manage to make it out to the RV show late Sunday, and had a very informative talk with your installer.  I was impressed with his knowledge and he was able to answer all the questions I posed to him.  It was most helpful to be able to see the storm shelters in person.

I have spoken with and examined other storm shelters manufacturers, but yours is the one I have selected to protect my family.  I hope to have the funds no later than mid Nov and purchase a storm shelter at that time.