tornado tech above ground storm shelters

Tornado Tech by Flatsafe is
The Standard in Above Ground Storm Shelters.

oklahoma city above ground storm shelterLayered flexible steel walls, concurrent anchoring methods, evenly distributed ventilation, and dual swing (in or out) doors with top to bottom ‘continuous’ hinges make the Tornado Tech Shelter the new standard in above ground safe rooms.

If you’ve been considering an investment in a tornado shelter, the Tornado Tech Shelter may be just what you’re looking for. This patented, innovative new product is an above ground safe room developed for residential homes as well as community applications.

Utilizing proven manufacturing methods, the Tornado Tech Shelter employs the same engineering methodology found in the aircraft industry. It’s commonly referred to as redundant engineering, and it ensures a backup system is standing by in case the primary system fails.

Evaluated by independent engineering firms and impact tested for EF-5 conditions, the Tornado Tech Shelter tackles every aspect required of an above ground tornado shelter. Some of the key elements include in-home access, proper ventilation, impact strength, secure anchoring, safe entry, and emergency egress. Please take a closer look and thank you very much for your consideration.

Standard Sizes & Assembly Options

Standard Sizes (Exterior Dimensions)

4’x4.5’, Door Placed on 4.5’ Side

End Door (Short Side), Two Standard Sizes: 4.5’x6′ & 4.5’x8′

Side Door (Long Side Right or Left), Two Standard Sizes: 4’x6′ & 4’x8′

*Keynote: End Door Models require a 4.5′ side

Assembly Options

Door Options: End Door (Short Side)
Side Door (Long Side Right)
Side Door (Long Side Left)
Dual Wall Construction: Sand-filled Insulation
No Sand-fill
Exterior & Interior Paint: Royal Blue
Primer Gray


Depending on your location, the installed price of a Tornado Tech shelter varies. We respect your privacy and only need an email address and an installation zip code to provide a no obligation quote for a standard installation in an existing residential garage. Please contact us so we can get started.

All information provided is considered confidential and will not be shared.

Tornado Tech codes standards qualifications are:

  1. FEMA 320
  2. FEMA 361
  3. ICC500/NSSA 2008
  4. IBC2006
  5. ASCE 7-05
  6. NPCTS
  7. Safe Room Status

US Patent 9702160