In Garage Tornado Shelters Elk City

Elk City garage tornado shelterIf you have been contemplating an in garage tornado shelter, the FlatSafe line of in-garage tornado shelters might be just what you’re looking for. Our patented, advanced in-garage tornado shelters can be installed above ground or underground, They were designed to be installed in the garage, however, in-home installations are common per homeowner request.

In Elk City bad weather can roll in at the blink of an eye. This is due to the warm and cold air mixing with the jet stream. This year alone there have already been several tornadoes. An in-garage tornado shield is a convenient place to access the shelter from either the exterior or interior of the home should weather conditions escalate quickly.

We have several in-garage tornado shelters to select from. Whether you select our HDPE in-garage protector or one of our steel shelters, we GUARANTEE that it will never float. FlatSafe Tornado Shelters are back-filled 100 percent with ready-mix concrete (NOT dirt) to counteract buoyancy and flotation of the installed shelter.

Each option provides its own advantages and options. Below we list some of those.

(HDPE) Shelters offer rust proof, waterproof, durable, long-lasting shelters ─ resistant to environmental stress and mechanical damage.

These shelters are made of 10 gauge sheet metal and flow tested ─ providing protection from corrosion and rust — for a long-lasting, maintenance free shelter.

This is a heavy duty, high build protective coating which has high strength is resistant to many corrosive reagents, and is excellent at sealing out moisture.

With two steel walls, evenly distributed ventilation, 640lb double swing door, and redundant anchoring the Tornado Tech in garage above ground tornado shelter has been evaluated by independent engineering companies and impact tested for EF-5 conditions, the Tornado Tech in garage tornado shelter tackles every aspect required of an above ground tornado shelter. Some of the key elements include in-home access, proper venting, impact strength, secure anchoring, safe entry, and emergency egress. Please have a closer look and thank you very much for your consideration.

Depending on what part of Elk City you live in, the installed cost of an in-garage tornado shield varies. We respect your privacy and only need an email address and an installation zip code to supply a no obligation quote for a normal installation in an existing residential garage. Please contact us so we can begin.

Contact our dedicated experts now at (866) 520-FLAT to find out more about the installation of our in-garage tornado shelters at your Elk City home.