Above Ground Tornado Shelters in Hobart

Layered flexible walls, concurrent anchoring methods, evenly distributed ventilation, and dual swing (in or out) doors with top to bottom ‘continuous’ hinges make the Tornado Tech Shelter the new standard in above ground tornado shelters in Hobart.FlatSafe’s premier above ground tornado shelter (Tornado Tech) has been impact tested for E-5 states by independent engineering companies. This above ground tornado shelter can be set up in the home, garage, or basement. The Tornado Tech tornado shelter doubles as a secure room for houses and community structures in Hobart.

In the last ten years we’ve seen strong enough storms rip through the Midwest to justify the need for one in every Hobart home. The major tornadoes back in 2010 were a real life example of how successful these tornado shelters can be at saving the lives of families across Oklahoma.

When compared to the effectiveness of underground tornado shelters, the above ground models have stood tall in the face of the storm. Below are some of the added benefits to consider when purchasing an above ground tornado shelter.

Advantages Of Above Ground Tornado Shelters

The above ground tornado shelters allow for quick access in case of a last minute emergency. If installed in the house, they can also be utilised as a secure room for storing personal items, and a secure room in the event of a home invasion. Installing the shelter in the garage is also an option, and also more readily accessible. Often time underground tornado shelters are set up beneath the parking area of the residence vehicle. This can be a problem accessing the lid if you are limited on time.

The Tornado Tech above ground tornado shelter can be installed just about anywhere on your Hobart property, inside and outside. Installing your above ground shelter outdoors and away from the base of the home will take a professional to pour a concrete slab for the structure to be mounted on. If correctly poured and secured, the above ground tornado shelters are tested and capable of resisting F-5 conditions. The above ground shelters may also be emptied, where as the underground shelters are permanent (or should be).

The Tornado Tech above ground tornado shelter can double as a safe and storage unit while not in use. Being able to get into the shelter for alternative use is a connivence not found in the underground tornado shelters. The above ground shelters also offer a kind of security not found in the underground shelters. The above ground units may seal nearly air tight around the ground level, preventing unwanted guests from slithering or crawling in. The underground units feature ventilation panels which allow easy access at ground level for unwanted guests. Depending on where you live, these guests are often as dangerous as the storms.

Tornado Shelter Features

The continuous (top to bottom) hinged doors on the Tornado Tech Above Ground Tornado Shelter provides substantial durability, and distributes the energy of an impact evenly, without compromising the doors ability to function. Perfect for homes and businesses in HobartThe FlatSafe Tornado Tech above ground tornado shelters are sold and installed in Hobart. They feature layered flexible steel walls, concurrent anchoring procedures, evenly distributed ventilation, and double swing (in or out) doors with top to bottom ‘continuous’ hinges make the Tornado Tech Tornado Shelter the new standard in above ground safe rooms.

Utilizing proven manufacturing methods, the Tornado Tech Shelter utilizes the identical engineering methodology utilized in the aircraft market. It’s commonly called redundant technology, and it ensures a backup system is standing by in case the primary system fails. Some of the key elements include in-home access, good ventilation, impact strength, secure anchoring, safe entrance, and emergency egress.

Below are some additional features of the Tornado Tech Shelter.

  • Two Steel Walls

More flexible than concrete and more than strong enough to protect an occupant. With both impact layer and safe zone security, we set the standard in above ground safe rooms.

  • Evenly Distributed Ventilation

Shielded ventilation ports dispersed throughout the Tornado Tech Shelter supplies significant oxygen and pressure exchange capability.

  • 640lb dual swing (in or out) doors

Emergency egress is made notably easier when a shelters doors swing in or out. Also, Tornado Tech’s doors are considerably stronger than many safe rooms. Tornado Tech’s Saferoom doors weigh 320lbs each, they’ve rounded edges, and hinges which extend the duration of the door to prevent jamming following a significant effects.

  • Redundant anchoring

Thinking about the substantial value of anchoring an above ground tornado shelter, Tornado Tech utilizes more than one method to secure our shelters. An epoxy adhesive combined with large diameter tapcons provides a backup approach to your security.

Based on where you reside in Hobart, the installed price of a Tornado Tech shelter varies. We respect your privacy and only require an email address and an installation zip code to supply a no obligation quote for a standard installation in an existing residential garage.

Contact our dedicated experts today at (866) 520-FLAT to learn more about the purchase and installation of our tornado shelters.