This limited warranty is provided by JAC Shelter, LLC  d/b/a  FlatSafe Tornado Shelters (FlatSafe) an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company, to registered Consumer (Consumer).

This warranty applies only to FlatSafe Tornado Shelters installed in residential dwellings in the United States, and is limited to the specific claims and remedies set forth herein.

This warranty applies solely to original consumer, but original consumer may transfer registration of the warranty one time, for a period of 24 months, to an owner of the Host Dwelling (defined below) within the applicable warranty period.   All other transfers of this warranty are void.

The warranty is limited to:

  1. Structural failure of Galvanized or HDPE Components resulting solely from corrosion or floating up to fifty (50) years from date of installation.   Galvanized components means all shelter components galvanized by means of the hot-dipped process, ensuring zinc penetration in steel with a coating of 1/64” to 1/32” in thickness.
  2. Structural failure of Tar Gard Epoxy Components solely from corrosion and floating up to five (5) years from date of installation.
  3. Any and all other FlatSafe Tornado Shelter Components not listed above will have a one (1) year warranty from date of installation.


Subject to the conditions set forth below, if any Galvanized, HDPE, or Tar Gard Epoxy Component structurally fails due to corrosion or floating within the applicable warranty period listed above, FlatSafe will, at its option, either (a) repair or replace the Galvanized, HDPE, or Tar Gard Epoxy Component or part thereof affected by the corrosion, or (b) pay the cost of having the Galvanized, HDPE, or Tar Gard Epoxy Component repaired or replaced.   If replacement is required it will be replaced at a prorated cost to customer.   To the extent permitted by law, FlatSafe’s entire liability shall be limited to the foregoing and shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages or losses, including injury to persons arising from the use of the product.


This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

The dwelling in which the FlatSafe Tornado Shelter is located (the” Host Dwelling”) must be a residential dwelling in the United States.

The FlatSafe Tornado Shelter must be installed within the recommended location of the Host Dwelling.   The recommended location for a FlatSafe Tornado Shelter is close to an outer wall and an overhead door in an attached garage.   Placement inside the home during new construction is possible but NOT recommended.   Installing a FlatSafe Tornado Shelter in a location NOT recommended could void the warranty in the event access for warranty repairs or service is obstructed or otherwise impaired.   When installing a FlatSafe Tornado Shelter in a location NOT recommended, neither FlatSafe nor the FlatSafe representative shall be liable for any damages that occur during repair or replacement.

The FlatSafe Tornado Shelter must be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s published installation procedures, which require excavation into compacted soil, and proper placement of specific concrete to counteract buoyancy.

Consumer must provide proof of purchase of FlatSafe Tornado Shelter to manufacturer for warranty to be valid.   If the warranty was validly transferred to an owner of the Host Dwelling, the owner of the Host Dwelling must provide proof of transfer of warranty to manufacturer for warranty to be valid.

The owner of the Host Dwelling must grant FlatSafe or its representative the right to access the installation site to inspect the installation process at any time a claim is made under this warranty.

Damage partly or wholly due to improper usage or handling by consumer or any other person or animal will NOT be covered by this warranty.   A FlatSafe representative may repair such damage at Consumers request, but Consumer will be solely financially responsible for said repairs.  FlatSafe is not responsible for any expense associated with repairing or replacing a FlatSafe Tornado Shelter installed in a location other than the recommended location.

In order to conduct warranty repairs, the FlatSafe Tornado Shelter must be easily accessible.   The FlatSafe representative performing warranty or non-warranty work is NOT responsible for removing or damaging finished items such as flooring, trim or the like.   FlatSafe, nor the FlatSafe representative are responsible for any damage to any property while repairing or replacing the FlatSafe Tornado Shelter.

The above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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