FlatSafe In-Garage Tornado Shelter Installation in Shawnee

Shawnee tornado sheler installationFlatSafe tornado shelters were designed to be installed in-garage and underground. With our patented lid system, these tornado shelters sit flush to the ground and are usually installed under the parking space of a vehicle.With our dedicated team of storm and tornado installation experts in Shawnee we’ve perfected the art of the installation. Our unique installation process guarantees we’ll be in and out as quickly as possible.

Tornado Shelter Installation

It’s recommended that the FlatSafe Tornado Shelter is installed near the driveway, right inside the garage door about a foot in the doorway. This will make it easier for Shawnee emergency response crews to access the shield should you become trapped from construction collapse or dropped debris. Possessing the tornado shelter installed close to the exterior of the home will also restrict the amount of debris which emergency response crews will need to remove to access the lid of this tornado shelter.

Tornado Shelter Placement

The choice to put in the shelter to the left or right side of the garage is at the discretion of the homeowner. There may be a preference based upon the size of the garage, the amount of vehicles parked in it, and accessibility to the shelter from the interior of the home. Our installation contractors will arrive and discuss the positioning of the tornado shelter with you and identify the exact positioning of it before proceeding with installation.

Cutting The Concrete Slab

We use a wet saw to cut the concrete slab. The wet saw provides precision cuts and minimizes dust. As we’re cutting the concrete slab we squeegee the garage to remove as much water and concrete mud as possible from the garage.


Following the concrete slab is cut and removed, it’s time to bring in the bucket. The bucket is used to remove the dirt from the setup area so that there is an opening to lower the shelter into. Part of the FlatSafe installation process includes removing the dirt and hauling it away to a Shawnee disposal site so that the homeowner is not responsible for Disposing of the ground.

Installing The Tornado Shelter

Following the dirt is removed, the shelter is lowered into the hole and set with concrete. We install 3 different styles of in-garage underground tornado shelters in Shawnee.

  • High Density Polyethylene Tornado Shelters
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Tornado Shelters
  • Coal Tar Epoxy Tornado Shelters

Layered flexible walls, concurrent anchoring methods, evenly distributed ventilation, and dual swing (in or out) doors with top to bottom ‘continuous’ hinges make the Tornado Tech Shelter the new standard in tornado shelter installation in Shawnee.Our tornado shelters are available for use immediately after the installation. Our storm tornado installation contractors will review all of the shelter features together with the homeowner including lid opening/closing, winch operation, and general safety tips. Our staff will be available to answer any queries you (the homeowner) may have concerning the use and upkeep of the shelter while we are there and long after installation occurs.

According to a National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) Evaluator, Dr. James McDonald, a Professional Engineer, “The FlatSafe Tornado Shelter layouts are well recorded and well thought out”. Dr. McDonald also mentioned, “The attention to detail is commendable”. In addition to the conclusions of a NSSA evaluator, Larry Tanner, a Professional Engineer and Research Associate at Texas Tech University, said; “The Wind Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University applauds your company’s efforts in providing a safe product for the consumer”.

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All of our Shawnee Tornado Shelters Are Equipped With Our Single Piece Lid System.

All of our underground FlatSafe Tornado Shelters that we install and sell in Shawnee include our patented single piece lid system. The lid is 1/4″ thick steel plate with added structural tubing to provide additional strength. The single-piece lid is bigger than the frame of the saferoom opening and sits over the frame, not down inside the frame. Our lid system is a lot stronger than the normal 2-piece lid system offered by everybody else and provides more than adequate ventilation to the occupants.

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