May 10, 2010 (EF4)

Oklahoma Tornado Survivors – Survivor Testimonial

We wanted to have a sense of safety from those Oklahoma tornados, so after living in Oklahoma for over 20 years we finally had a Flatsafe Tornado & Storm Shelter installed. We like the security of it being in the garage and out the extreme weather elements. From the initial visit to the store to the installation date, everyone was friendly and courteous. The installers left no mess to clean up and it was exactly what we asked for. In May 2010 we had to put our shelter to use. An F4 tornado was heading our way fast and furious. We literally had minutes to take cover. Our family and pets along with some neighbors and their pets hurriedly took cover. We felt extremely safe and sound in the confines of our shelter, and when the storm passed over us and destroyed our home and everything we’ve worked for, we hardly felt or heard anything from within.

We’ve heard the horror stories of debris and water filtering in those backyard shelters and we did not experience anything like that. Our shelter was intact and we were completely unharmed. The Flatsafe was easy to step down into and even easier to close and secure. Although our shelter was not damaged, our home was and it had to be removed along with the foundation. It was quite a fight getting it to come out of the ground, which reinforced our decision in purchasing this shelter.

We are thankful for Flatsafe Tornado Shelters to have provided us with such a quality product and there is no doubt that we will install the exact same thing in our new home. The folks at Flatsafe even took the time to ensure we were okay after the storm by calling us, which is awesome. Thank you for being there for us.

Yours truly, the Felty Family